Get Set—A Step-by-Step Start to TripAdvisor

Get Set—A Step-by-Step Start to TripAdvisor Tanager

  • A 58 page primer (64 pages in pdf) to accelerate your online marketing from zero to sixty in seconds. TripAdvisor is simplified with Get Set by your side.
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  • January 28, 2016
  • 58 pages

A fast-track TripAdvisor handbook. Plain English instructions for all you need to get going on TripAdvisor. A simple guide to keep by your side.

Discover why so many Australian businesses are on TripAdvisor. See how many make it a main focus for online marketing and find out how it could work for you.
Understand TripAdvisor’s system of reviews and ratings. See how it works for TripAdvisor’s huge user base and apply that knowledge to get the best for your business.

Learn how to access the Management Centre for your Business Page on TripAdvisor. Customise your profile and make easy content tweaks. Control visual representations of your property. Respond to reviews, set the story straight and accept acclaim with grace.

There is step-by-step guidance for all basic set-up options. With plenty of examples, written and visual, it clearly shows where to click and what to type.

Simplify your time on TripAdvisor with Get Set by your side. Make your way step-by-step—on your own computer, at your own pace, in your own time.

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Written and maintained by a team of branding experts and professional educators, GET SET makes it super simple to get started on TripAdvisor.

This is the simplest starter for DIY online brand initiation.

Get set, step-by-step, with Tanager.