TripAdvisor Information Sessions

Tanager’s TripAdvisor information sessions present quick-fire tips to boost your online brand.

Introductory, intermediate and fully customised sessions are available. Kick-start momentum with actionable practical tips. Our facilitators encourage safe exploration to tap deep potential.

We pack a lot into one hour, but keep it manageable. There is no nonsense and we explain away all the technical jargon. Of course, there’s plenty of question time.

Tanager experts guide you through each step and point you in the right direction. The practical tips teach new skills to power bigger online brands.
The discussions and research can lead you towards even more in the future. Facilitators answer questions along the way, including a few you probably didn’t know you should have asked.

As a perfect kick-start to online marketing, these information sessions are each complemented by Tanager handbooks. Tanager’s suite of online TripAdvisor training will keep the momentum going, ever on and upwards.

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TripAdvisor from the Ground Up—An Tanager intro session

One hour is all it takes. Make a confident start on TripAdvisor with an introductory info session.
Tanager’s friendly facilitators explain TripAdvisor’s potential for your business. You take home practical tips to help achieve your goals.
TripAdvisor can drive success. Tanager makes TripAdvisor easy.

TripAdvisor from the Ground Up answers all the early questions, including:

  • Who uses TripAdvisor?
  • How successful is it?
  • What sort of businesses is it right for?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Who writes TripAdvisor reviews?
  • How reliable is information on TripAdvisor?
  • Who can have an account?
  • How do I set up my Business Page on TripAdvisor?
  • How can I manage my Business Page on TripAdvisor?

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Get TripAdvisor working for you. All Australian hospitality, tourism and accommodation businesses should.
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Get More from TripAdvisor—a Tanager info session

An intermediate info session that shows how to get more from TripAdvisor. Pro-tips will help you optimise your TripAdvisor efforts and get the best for your business. Reach the best part of your target market by implementing simple TripAdvisor best practice.

TripAdvisor is powerful, with high trust ratings and extraordinary reach. If you harness it to its full potential, even free TripAdvisor activities can drive genuine business success.

In a single hour information session, business owners who are already on Trip Advisor learn how to do TripAdvisor better. Own your online space with some easy-to-use hints, including how to:

  • Optimise your business listing
  • Respond to Trip Advisor reviews
  • Generate bookings via Trip Advisor
  • Use paid promoting via Trip Advisor.

Whether you’re just getting started or already familiar with the site, Tanager’s Get More From Trip Advisor information session has something to offer. Practical, easy to follow advice is balanced with research and discussion.

Get more from TripAdvisor Information Sessions by Tanager
Hoteliers, managers, owner operations and marketers will benefit.
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